Why Watchmen Cannot Be Forgotten

Forever reserved a spot in any of the ‘best comics of all time rankings’, Watchmen by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons and coloured by John Higgins is a stupendous graphic novel about super heroes, society and human beings all wrapped in a dark and unforgettable narrative. Alan Moore of course is well known not just for writing some of the greatest modern comics but also renowned for stepping into darker territory that many readers of more jovial characters really wont be used to. Despite this and its intrinsically complex and multilayered story, this book remains at the top for countless reasons, yet here are just a few.


Thick with Content

Alan Moore is known for many things, his lengthy grey beard, his eagerness to stay out of the public eye, his apparent grumpiness when it comes to people adapting his work and of course his incredible word count. Take his latest Novel Jerusalem for example, a monster book with a word count that quite literally outdoes the Bible. Watchmen is a wordy book, but in a good way, from Rorschach’s mad and often hilarious journal entries, to the comic within the comic (Tales of the Black Freighter), to the back matter that includes everything from investigation notes to magazine articles. Watchmen has you enter is a thoroughly rich world with its every corner well thought through.