Why Comic Books are Good for Kids – Part 2

There are so many ways that comic books are good for kids, they can be a great way to teach young minds how to improve their inferencing skills, as well increasing their vocabulary and by widening their imagination. But there are other ways why comics are particularly good for kids.

Gain Interest in Reading

Comics have so many crossovers with other mainstream narrative texts. There are characters, a main plot with all its variations, points of view, symbolism, and settings. And the list goes on and on and is almost endless. Popular comics such as Marvel and DC have intricate and interconnecting story-lines that sometimes exist in parallel worlds, and without the imagery your head could possibly explode trying to understand their meaning.

All this action with detailed themes and plots train a young mind to understand literature and grow to love it. Many kids that have had their noses buried in comics turn to other literature when they are older, not particularly to give up their love of comics but to augment it. Some comics are also based on novels, and give a young reader a chance to see graphically what they have already read. Or to seek out the novel the comic is based on and read the text.

Fun Whilst Learning

The Japanese developed a range of comics to augment class courses, they help the teachers to have more fun in their classes, and a student who is having fun whilst learning will pay more attention. Many teachers will tell you that using different types of media in class is always a good thing to retain attention. Comic books are not just all about superheroes, they can be comedies, sci-fi, about bold adventures or heroic tales. There is a comic book somewhere to fit every desire or need. But the real reason people read comic books is to have fun and enjoy them.

Teaching Values

Many people disregard comics as a valuable tool for learning as they are brash and colorful, and serious teaching would never employ such media. But these people are dinosaurs, they do not look past the colorful images and drawings and see the messages that are contained in comic book stories. Many comics teach positive messages, such as doing one’s best and helping others. How to work as a team to solve a problem. Superman is always telling us how to overcome weaknesses, whilst Daredevil is an example to us all that disabilities can be overcome.

Obviously, not every comic book can be held up as a piece of moral literature, and some do feature an excess of violence. However, in general, the popular comic can be a great boon to a kid’s understanding and development concerning literature. It brings a sense of fun into their learning which encourages children to read more and to develop other fields of literature. The written word is under pressure from computer games and the like, and taking time out to read and enjoy a graphic novel or a comic can only be a good thing.