Unknown Comic Book Heroes from Around the world

Comic books are some of the coolest inventions of our times. They have managed to gain enormous amounts of popularity in various cultures all around the world. This amazing combination led to the Comic Book Golden Age from the 30s and that hype didn’t stop ever since. There are countless comic books that managed to inspire generation after generation thanks to the brilliant stories. The main way in which these stories inspired us is thanks to the amazing characters that managed to make the story alive. But there are also lots of unknown comic book heroes that are just waiting to be discovered and to get in our hearts. We have listed some of the unknown heroes from all around the world in order to better understand their story and to get inspired.

Laura Kinney

This hero is also known as the female Wolverine, is one of the most obscure female comic book characters in history. She has similar characteristics with Wolverine and by some fans she is considered the daughter of Wolverine. There are many speculations regarding her origins and this is why she sparked many controversies lately. She may be a secondary or minimal character, but she definitely managed to spark controversy.

The Wasp

This is one of the coolest characters that made an appearance lately. After Ant-Man it was natural to have more characters with animal powers. She is considered extremely powerful but like any other female superhero, she stays under the shade. We will definitely hear more about hear in the future comics.


Another controversial female comic book character. She is the daughter of Magneto and has similar powers to her father. She appears only in a few old comic nooks in which she is referred to as the daughter of Magneto and the only one capable of defeating her father or taking his legacy further.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight is considered the other version of Batman. The Marvel character is considered to be the more extreme version that has no moral problem in taking revenge and this is why his popularity has not been so big lately. He has made appearances in multiple comic books and there is also a comic book with himself. He is definitely not the usual comic book character.


She is the female version of Dynamo 5, a crime fighting group. Her backstory is both interesting and compelling, endearing her to the audiences. She is a very popular character in all the forums and many great fans want to see her in a movie. She has an interesting story and we will definitely hear more from her.


Shockwave is one of the oddest characters in the comic books. He is a martial arts expert and it is one of the main opponents of Shang Chi. He didn’t have many appearances in the comic books, but he is very loved in the forums.