Here are some of the best female comic super heroes every girl child wants to be like. One thing is sure: your daughters will love this list.


Batgirl is one of the greatest female comic characters. Batgirl (or Barbara Gordon) is a rebel. She made up her mind to combat criminals in Gotham City when her dad — who is a Police Commissioner — will not allow her to become a cop. This character is presently written by amazing writers of comic books such as Marguerite Bennett and Gail Simone.  Batgirl has out-of-this-world skills for working with computer and forensic psychology. Her STEM knowledge is incredible, so are her talents for driving her Bat-cycle and using the Batarangs.

Captain Marvel

Formerly known as Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers lately changed her name to Captain Marvel, which is gender-neutral and more commanding. Danvers has a background in the CIA as well as the military and, thus, was created to be the female version of Captain America. But, more significantly, when he goes beyond his limits, Captain Marvel challenges him. And the confrontation is a walk in the park for her!

Black Canary

Black Canary

The present Black Canary comic character fights crime because of her mum. One of the founders of Justice League, she (her mother) is the original Black Canary and serves as the League’s chairwoman occasionally. Currently, Black Canary is a member of the red female team, which fights criminals. This group comprises Birds of Prey, who are superheroes that are bird-themed. She has also been the leader of these superheroes.


This comic character is a favorite superhero of all Goth kids. Raven was born to an inter-dimensional father and a human mother. She had her childhood in an alternate dimension, which made it possible for her to keep her emotions in check. Fortunately, her sardonic nature is untouched. She assisted in designing an iteration of the Teen Titans, although the Justice League of America did not accept her. The Teen Titans ultimately had their favorite television show, which is animated, on CN(Cartoon Network).

The Runaway Girls

Is this the same character in Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning film? No. The Runaway girls are a team of teenagers who, on watching their families kill an innocent girl as a sacrifice for ritual ceremonies, ran away from home. Then, they got to understand that their families have hidden things as secrets from them. Some of these are, one of the teens finds out that she is a mutant; another one learns that she is part alien, and so on. The Runaways consists of teenage girls only, who are incredibly vibrant —the delight of every teen-girl fantasy.

Natasha Irons

Being a superhero is mainly just another family culture for Natasha Irons, like with several female comic characters mentioned in this write-up. After Steel, her uncle, had an injury, she adopts his name and accepts his obligations. She now wears her steel armor and becomes involved in a power struggle with Lex Luthor over time. She then experiences fundamental shifts in power and adopts the names, Vaporlock and Starlight, when she was in teenage.