The gradual and painful death of the newspaper industry is disheartening. Nevertheless, the happy memories of sharing funny comic pages with family and friends are unforgettable. The existence of gocomics.com and few other comic strip sites van never serve as a replacement for the original newspaper comics. Below are few of the worlds most renowned and famous newspaper comics:

Dennis the Menace

Was conceived in the 1900s by H. Ketcham in just sixteen papers, Dennis the Menace tells the story of the misadventure of Dennis Mitchell a five-year-old boy, Mr. Wilson his foil, and his nuclear family. In less than ten years, Dennis’ fame rose to over 1000 newspapers and various comic books. Alongside other favorite comics, Dennis was reproduced in cartoon form and a commercial titan, becoming the licensed cartoon character of Dairy Queen for three decades. Forty-three years later Ketcham stopped writing comics and gave on the pen to some of his colleagues, who are the present authors of Dennis the Menace comics of today. Dennis, the Menace Christmas, released 2007, featuring Robert Wagner and Louise Fletcher is the latest live-action Dennis movie.


The heyday of Popeye dates back to the 30s and is compiled by Hy Eisman. Made its first appeared first in Thimble Theatre in the early 1900s, had its name changed by multi-skilled Elzie Crisler Segar to Popeye just after his debut. Popeye had become so renowned, so fast, that by middle 1900s he was the legend of his comics series, that later became the most famous cartoons of that time. Segar passed away at the end of 10 years, and a group of the selected artist managed the strip for the team. King features businesses licensed Popeye for comic books, radio shows, cartoon movies and video games after disco Peanuts.

The Peanuts

The tight gang called “peanuts” rated one of the most excellent comic strips of all time featuring Charlie Brown and his friends and was printed on the cover of Time magazine in 1965, had an original run from the late 1900s to early 2000s, a cumulative of over 30 years. The author Schulz Charles featured more characters, fantastic storylines, before becoming a full-blown cartoonist. By early 50’s Peanuts grew to a world-renowned newspaper comic strip. Coming over to the cartoon side, peanuts, made over 30 years ago, is regarded holiday classics this present day. The most enthusiastic pop culture lovers know the universal icons peppermint patty, Lucy, Linus and Charlie Brown.

Schulz is a severe businessman, aside from the film specials, video games, theatrical productions, cartoon, children’s parks and sound recordings. Brown was also a celebrity frontier for organizations as vast as Dolly Madison snack cakes, Hallmark cards MetLife and Coca-Cola. Schulz is having concern for the strip legacy after his departure concluded its first run just 30 days before his death. The repeat from its golden era “Classic Peanuts” is still available today.