The First Comic Books Ever Written

People love comic books and they are enjoyed the world around. They manage to combine the visual effects of pictures and the narrative as well. This amazing mixture is the one that kept us motivated for generations. There are so many variations on the market that it is sometimes overwhelming to choose the next comic book to read. The comic book hype has never stopped. Thanks to the technological improvement now we have our comic books one click away and coming to life in movies as well. But there is a great debate about what was the first comic book ever. This debate has managed to get out of the dark countless marvels that were long forgotten. In order to have a wider pallet we have listed some of the first comic books that have ever gone under our eyes in order to better understand this phenomenon.

The Japanese Theory

Many experts argue that the first comics were made in 18th century Japan. There were indeed some similar books to the resembling ones produced during that time, but the overall pictures were not the same as the ones we see today. They also depicted heroic acts, but the way of drawing was very different. This is why these comics are not necessarily considered to be the first ones, but they are surely considered an ancestor.

United States Start

The earliest record in the United States come from the 30s. This is the time of the silent movies and the earliest comic strips were ever made. The first comic book was called “The Adventures of Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck”. This is considered to be the ancestor of all the other comic books that followed. It was a very fun and innocent comic book that depicted the amazing lives of Obadiah and how he managed to get out of his problems. This book started the Golden Age of the comic books in the United States and all over the world. There were countless new productions every month and this is the moment we fell in love with comic books forever.

British Books

The British market also embraced the comic books in the 30’s. “The Dandy” and “The Bean” were some of the most popular comic books in the whole British history. The first British comic was actually made in 1884 but it targeted an adult audience and the stories often times were unsuitable for children. After the first release, the producers decided to approach themes that were suitable for the whole audience.

Other Books

In Asia the first comic books appeared in the 18th century and they later evolved in what we know today as manga. This type of comic book is one of the most popular on the globe. There are countless productions today that copy the exact same manga style even if they are not based in Asia. The first magazine to actually gather them is the “Punch” magazine that gathered comic books from all over Asia in one place.