Superman Comic Books

Superman is a popular fictional superhero that is featured in American comic books that were published by DC Comics. The Superman character was developed in 1933 by Jerry Siegel (a writer) and Joe Shuster (an artist); both of them where high school students from Cleveland Ohio. Superman first appeared in an Action Comics in 1938 and after that, it was featured in many television programs, films, newspaper strips, radio serials and video games. Its popularity helped to establish it as the number one Superhero in American comic books.

Superman Comic Books

The Superman character is also known by many aliases, such as the Last Son of Krypton, the Man of Tomorrow, Man of Steel and Big Blue Boy Scout. The debut Superman storyline was about a boy named Kal-El who was born in a technologically advanced planet called Krypton. He was rocked into the Earth as a child by his father he was a scientist named Jor-El just before the Krypton planet was destroyed.

The spaceship landed in America. The boy Kal-el was found and adopted by a couple living in Kansas. They named him Clark Kent and raised him as their child. He displayed varieties of abilities which showed that he was different from other human beings (Superhuman).

When he became an adult, he now channeled his superhuman powers into helping help humanity. The location is a fictional city named Metropolis. He works in the Metropolis newspaper named Daily Planet as a journalist, with George Taylor as his employer. He has feelings for a lady named Lois Lane and his longtime enemy is Super villain Lex Luthor who is a friend of Wonder Woman and Batman. Several characters of the Superman have been created over the years.

Metropolis newspaper named Daily Planet

Superman is known for his unique custom which is a blue body-hugging costume with a red and yellow design on the chest area and a red cape. The design is a letter which is drawn inside a shield shape. A lot of media houses make use of the shield as a symbol of the Superman character. He is known as the American cultural icon by many.

Earlier, Superman’s powers were to Krypton, but in subsequent versions of the story, his power can only be activated by the light from the earth’s yellow sun. The red light which is similar to the sunlight from the Krypton’s planet can deactivate Superman’s powers. The ownership right Superman character has been a cause of constant issues as Shuster and Siegel have been sued twice to return the production rights.

In the first series of Superman which was published in 1966, Clark died as a result of a Kryptonite radiation. But he was later revived by one his android doppelgängers (Eradicator) in the series ‘The Death and Return of Superman’ released in 1990. In the 2016 series of Superman, Clark was killed by Kryptonite poisoning and he was not revived this time. The age of the fictional superhero Superman is not known, but the character is said to be in his 30’s.