Comic books are one of the most exciting stories to a young child, and one of the best sources of entertainment and solace for geeks. Comic books have evolved over the years, and some of the classic comic books are now turned into a superhero movie nowadays. Some comic book breaks the million-selling mark because of their notoriety, some in popularity, and some due to the exciting stories. Every month, hundreds of various comic books grace the shelves. It’s like new titles generated every month. With all of these fascinating comics to choose from, here are some of the most popular comic books.


The Amazing Spider-man is one of the most popular and best comic books of all time. J. Michael Straczynski has been able to bring in more emotional depth to Spider-Man. He shows a remarkable maturity in his writings, and he has been able to bring to mind the artwork of Romita artwork from the Spider-Man’s early day. With over 360 million sales, the Spider-Man catches readers just like a magnet. The reason for its massive popularity is the storyline.


The Astonishing X-men has remained a fan favourite for decades. To a lot of people, the X-men is a symbol of the oppressed underdog. The book shows a creative team in their A-game consistently. Though the series has been on for years, their story is usually six issues giving room for new readers to jump in. The X-men owns a Guinness World Record for the largest-selling single issue in a comic; 1991 renumbered X-men#1 had staggering 8.1million pre-order sales. Today, he’s the man at DC comics and back in the 90’s, Jim Lee was the role model everyone was emulating.


The Superman is the best comic book character of all time, and it is original, most iconic superhero of all who acclaimed with the number one spot. Created, just like Captain America, by Jewish Kids that were sick of Hitler jerk. The Superman was very popular in the 1930’s as an American who is engraved with everything good about the nation’s identity when it most mattered. The fact he was not American has nothing to do with the character, with his patriotic colour scheme and shield making super one of the most recognizable fictional characters aside from Mickey Mouse. Superman has never run out of print since it first issue of Action in 1938 and has gone through all the ages of comic books, TV shows, films and lunch boxes. With over 600 million sales of comic books, I think there is a lot to come from Superman.


Apparently, Batman is one of DC’s top characters. The title has had numerous high creators on it including Jim Lee, Frank Miller, Jeph Loeb and lots more. Andy Kubert and Grant Morrison have been lighting up the Batman’s comic book world with astonishing results to the main characters associated with the title. With over 460 million sales, the Batman is one of the big names and elder statesman of the comic book world. The Batman’s Detective comics usually sold a million copies to kids. It’s right to say the hero of Gotham is one of the best-selling heroes of all time.