Years ago, comic books were scarce. Now in the 21st century, we’re living in the golden age of comic book with more character entering the big screen more than ever before. When we talk about superhero comics, Marvel and DC comics are the significant drivers of the industry. Marvel vs. DC comics is a war that has been on for decades now, and the war is still alive today in comic books, TV, and theatres. Both DC comic and marvel are rich comic book universes with overflowing materials, but there are still some elements that separate their characters from each other. Apparently, there aren’t strict guidelines for all superhero; it’s fascinating to take a look at the differences in how both giant book publishers tell their original tales. Here are some of the differences between Marvel and DC.


Both DC and Marvel have their pros and cons. The Marvels Universe majorly played by the Avengers, and it comprises of stories crossing from small to the big screen which makes it appealing to get involved. The house of lots of stories to watch could sometimes be overwhelming and missing a single film or episode could mean that you have miss references to inside jokes and past events. Unlike Marvel, you don’t have to follow up on previous movies or episode to know the DC’s new film universe.  As this approach makes it easy to follow, their films and TV have no connection because different actors will be playing the same role on the big screen and TV and this can get frustrating.


The worlds in every superhero comic or story are vital to their protagonist. There are distinctive differences between the worlds of Marvel and DC, based on whether they take place in real or fictional locations. For Marvel, the superheroes are most time fighting for real cities that we know. They are more tilted to reality when it comes to this aspect. We have seen Washington and New York City threatened and not some virtual cities. In contrast to Marvel, DC sticks to fictional worlds for its good guys to protect. For example, Gotham and Metropolis are synonymous with its defenders, and the Flash is racing around Central city. It enables the character to exist a bit further from reality, and this gives the directors to shoot anywhere as much as they like.


Significant plot element usually based on how superheroes deal with their powers. In Marvel comics and movies, forces often treated as a curse, either in extreme form-altering cases like Maggot and the thing or Spider-Man who is usually burdened by his responsibilities as Peter Parker and a superhero. However, in DC super abilities are more of a blessing than a curse. The characters are called to action to do all they can to embrace it, and this has something to do with the source of their powers in the first place.


The DC films of recent tend to be very moody and gritty, though they pepper in some humour most of their successful movies are darker than the Marvel, although things changed a bit in Suicide Squad. Unlike DC, Marvel character often comes with a massive sense of humour. For example, Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool have proved that you can be a serious and at the same time comic superhero.

Although the war for the best comic is still on, it’s glaring that both DC and Marvell offer unique, fascinating superhero stories that provide something for everyone.