Playing Video games or watching movies does not only serve as the source of entertainment for kids. Kids could as well be entertained with some really interesting books. Reading interesting books could not only be entertaining per se; it could also be informative.  Book ordinarily is a media – a source of getting information. You might have encountered difficulty getting or selecting the right books for your kids to read; so, I thought it wise to help out by putting together the resources that amounted into this piece highlighting best comic books for your kids.

Abigail and The Snowman by Roger Langridge

Abigail and The Snowman by Roger Langridge: the book depicts what happens when the new girl in town invites a mythological monster into her home. Adventure Time by Ryan North and Chris Hastings: it was written to stress further on the deep relationship between princess bubblegum and Marceline; it opened the flood gates for boom.

Amelet by Kazu Kibuishi: amulet is a super fantasy adventure about ordinarily children who find themselves thrust into an extraordinary condition soon after they lost their father.

Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brossgol: the book was inspired from Brosgol Russian immigrant emotional experience coupled with her unfortunate fate of growing up with a single parent which was unfolded through a character who was bound with ghost liberated from a nearby well.

The Backstagers by James Tynion: the book is an epitome of what an all ages comic has to offer; a fun daunt with serious notes about discovering where you fit at the most awkward periods in your life. It’s a story of all age school boys who had adventure far beyond the backstage machinations of a production.

Uncle Scrooge by Carl Bark

Owly by Andy Runtons: the story centres on true friendship, loyalty and nature and are conspicuously innocent therein.

Tiny Titans by Art Baltazar And Franco Aureliani: the novel tells the story of elementary school children. And it’s more about being in school than fighting criminals.

Uncle Scrooge by Carl Bark: a story about the author, uncle scrooge and his nephews Donald , Huey , Dewey , and Louie, that took on a globetrotting bent with rich archaeological discoveries of the far away hinters land and cultures.

Hilda By Luke Pearson: the novel describes the life of a young primary school girl who lives in a village identified as Trolberg that is populated by talking birds, giants, blank hounds, and, of course trolls.

Advancement in technology has made it possible to get books both in a soft and in a hard copy format. The above book is also not excluded; they could be gotten in either of the formats. This makes studying fun. Now kids can explore round the world of comic relief genre of novel. It will be of utmost importance if planning vacation schedule could contain space for the provision of such reading material for kids. Consuming comic relief materials like this which are often time adventurer could go a long way in giving kids an upper hand over their peers out there. With the title of the books and their reviews offered, you can make your choice for your kids.