All About Batman Comics

Batman is a fictional superhero character that was featured in American comic books published by the comics company DC Comics. The Batman character was developed by Bill Finger (a writer) and Bob Kane (an artist). The character was first featured in the Detective Comics for the first time in 1939. The Batman was originally known as Bat-Man; the character is also known by other aliases, such as The Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader, and the World’s Greatest Detective. The Batman story is set in a fictional city named Gotham City.

The storyline of the Batman series is about a man named Bruce Wayne who has a dual identity. Bruce Wayne is rich American philanthropists, a playboy and the founder of the Wayne Empire. After seeing the murder of his parents by Martha Wayne and Dr. Thomas Wayne, he took a vow to revenge the crime. Bruce took up physical and intellectual training to fit into his bat inspired character to fight crime in the city. He has many allies like the Alfred who was the commissioner of Police in Gordon and Robin who is a member of a Vigilante.

Unlike other superhero characters, Batman does not have supernatural powers, he relies on his physical, genius, intellectual skills and his knowledge of martial arts, science, technology, his charismatic character and wealth to fight crime. The Batman character became a household character after its debut in 1939 and it got its title ‘Batman’ a year after its initial release. Various versions and interpretations of the Batman character have surfaced over time. The Batman series was used as a camp display in the late 60’s.

As a cultural icon in America, Batman has gained vast popularity as one of the top comic book characters. The character has been featured in various adaptations ranging from movies, television to radio.

Batman Vol. 3

The character also got the interest of psychiatrists as many experts are still trying to under the Batman’s psyche. Fansided placed Batman as first on its list of top 50 Greatest Super Heroes of all time in Comic Book History in 2015. In the anime adaption of Batman, Bruce Greenwood, Kevin Conroy, Will Arnett, Jason O’Mara and Anthony do the voicing for the animation. In DC Rebirth event held in 2016, DC Comics relaunched its entire comic book titles. The Batman character was rebooted to start with one shot issue titled Batman: The Rebirth. The series is being shipped as a volume of comic series two times in a month.

The series started with Batman Vol. 3 shipped in August 2016. The writer, Tom King was the person that wrote the third volume of the new Batman series, while the artwork was created by Mikel Janin and David Finch. Two villains named Gotham and Gotham Girl was introduced in the new Batman series. Eddy Barrows (an artist), James Tynion (a writer) and Alvaro Martinez have worked for with Detective Comics to produce the series number 934 Batman column. Tim Drake, Clayface, Cassandra Cain and Stephanie were members of the team featured in the series initially.