Here is the list of ten comic superheroes the world will not forget in a hurry. Find out if your hero cut at the end of this list.


Superman is the very first major comic book story that ushered in other great stories. The level of success attained by this story inspired all other comic stories like the Spiderman, Batman, and the other success stories. Superman paved the way for all other acts and is still going stronger after many years of being on the TV.


Spider-man may not be as strong as the superman, but his good heart has endeared him to many fans. The spider-man story is loved and adored all over the world today, and the story is one of the biggest project y Marvel.


Batman’s story is different from all other comic stories; it is not a story that ends like all other comics stories between the hero and the villain, the story is intriguing and demands deeper concentration for you to follow the story completely.  Some people may argue that Batman has no true supernatural powers and only marvels the audience with his alter ego. But the story is a major hit and enjoyed massive TV publicity.


Wolverine is another major comic story from the stables of Marvel and is a popular superhero that rose above all other X-Men characters. Wolverine worn the hearts of all X-Men fans and quickly became the favorite character amongst all other interesting picks. He appeared in some other comic stories like the X-Men comics and the New Avengers.

The Hulk

Everyone loves the Hulk, the beast who unleashes rage on the enemy. He rose through all other Marvel comics and endeared fans all over the world with his strong actions and soft emotions. The hulk exhumes that intense rage with thrilling actions, he gets angry quickly but can be rendered soft and weak by a sincere display of emotions. This is why he has many fans that follow his story, plays his game and enjoys his toys.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is the most popular female superhero in the history of comic stories. She is a wonderful woman. She has her comic book, a popular TV show and even a great spot in the Justice League of America. She is a role model to many other women and cuts the list of the top superhero.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern started off with lesser hype but came back with a bang after the re-launch the series. The series reestablished its stand in the history of comic stories. The movie now has a place in the works, a spot on the justice league and so many comic books to its ranks.

Captain America

You cannot talk about comic superheroes in America without mentioning the hero of the states- captain America. The captain is just the right model of the just American; he is noble, hardworking, honest and very strong. Everyone loves the captain, and he has never given us the reason to do otherwise.


Spawn is used to be very popular and has proven to the world of comics stories that you don’t have to be from DC or Marvel to make it big. The story came out as a movie, cartoons, toys and comic stories. This story was huge and made so many accomplishments during its shine, But has dropped on the list overtime at the rise of other stories.


Punisher became one of the first unlikely heroes to break into the limelight. He has proven that a hero must adhere to the expectations of the fans and ushered in the era of the dark sides embraced by other comics like the Watchman.